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PaceMate™ Is Now Listed in Epic’s App Orchard

by Chelsea Forsman Napier, RN, BSN, PaceMate™ Director of Integrations; Curt Harper, PaceMate™ Senior Business Analyst; and Jason Hale, CCDS, PaceMate™ Co-Founder and Vice President of Commercial Excellence

PaceMate™ and Interoperability

Cardiac device data flows at all hours of the day—even when clinicians are not at the office. As a device data platform, PaceMate™ is designed to manage this data and extend the capabilities of cardiac practices. The software+service we have designed has been built with unmatched capabilities: PaceMate™LIVE—our secure premier platform—automatically uploads real-time, cardiac device-generated data, fully integrating with implantable cardiac devices, wearables, and ambulatory monitors from all major manufacturers, and consolidating the data in a single dashboard. The proprietary manner in which PaceMate™ processes and manages this data sets us apart from our competitors.

But the unique advantage of PaceMate™ is our EHR interoperability. The EHR interoperability of PaceMate™ enhances workflows and reduces ambiguity for healthcare stakeholders. We have integrated with top EHR vendors to utilize data exchange tools—application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs are specific information highways developed by EHR vendors to help healthcare organizations reduce data fragmentation. These APIs allow health information systems and data to talk to one another automatically. They reduce information silos and facilitate the automatic exchange of the most valuable data between multiple software environments.

PaceMate™ Joins the App Orchard Marketplace

Now, PaceMate™ is listed in App Orchard. This listing with Epic, one of the nation’s premier electronic health record companies, attests to PaceMate™LIVE’s ability to integrate with Epic’s EHR system.

Value to Device Clinics and Healthcare Systems

Multiple stakeholders benefit from PaceMate™’s EHR interoperability. The value of PaceMate™’s enhanced integration is first realized by local IT teams as integration time and effort are reduced dramatically. This reduction in IT lift allows for expedited integrations and is a significant advantage of PaceMate™LIVE.

An additional benefit for cardiac practices and device clinics is seen as PaceMate™’s APIs pull in demographic data and ICD-10 diagnosis codes from Epic to PaceMate™LIVE. The result of this streamlined process is experienced in significant reduction of data entry time for frontline teammates. Accurate and current diagnosis codes allow for automated billing claims creation, which provides added efficiency while maintaining compliance. Automated creation of order, encounter, and result “on the fly” causes a significant time savings for clinic staff.

Cardiac device clinics gain with PaceMate™. Our customers’ patient data is collected from all device types, consolidated in one platform, and integrated in the practice’s EHR. Learn more about how PaceMate™LIVE can enhance quality, clinical, and operational efficiencies for your practice and can support the safety of each of your patients.

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