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Our Solutions:

PaceMate™LIVE On-Demand
PaceMate™LIVE Platform

PaceMate™LIVE empowers doctors and nurses to monitor implantable and wearable cardiac devices with seamless integration into their EHR.

PaceMate™LIVE On-Demand

  • Customized clinic staffing support to extend your practice
  • Remote monitoring by cardiac rhythm management experts
  • Full access to all proprietary software capabilities by unlimited users
  • Multiple clinical service options—including 24/7 or after-hours only

PaceMate™LIVE Platform

  • Our world-class cardiac monitoring software only
  • Includes unique API interfaces and workflow mapping consultation
  • Full access to all proprietary software capabilities by unlimited users
  • No charge for upgrades

We empower clinical decision-making

  • one vendor-neutral platform for all reports
  • bi-directional APIs for EHR data exchange
  • prioritization of alerts for immediate review
  • cloud-native platform accessible from any device

We never miss a

We enable efficient cardiac care

a best-in-class software+service solution, connecting all cardiac device types and vendors in one location

streamlined workflows and
processes for enterprise systems

a one-stop sync with existent IT
for easy clinic onboarding

We manage data and generate revenue

Our EHR automation improves reimbursement,
reduces costs, and prevents errors.

  • 95% reduction in manual processing
  • automated coding, billing, and claims processing
  • revenue generating at 5x average clinic rate

Put our technology to work for you today.