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PaceMate is here to help you navigate the entire cardiac health data ecosystem. Learn more about data management and PaceMateLIVE—our all-in-one cardiac remote monitoring platform—plus the game-changing advantages your clinic can experience when all your work happens in one place. All the data—one platform.

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Case study excerpt: “Once our team learned about PaceMate’s capabilities, it became the standard go-to for all the Ascension ministries.” —Margaret G. Pate, Clinical Service Line Director of Cardiovascular Services, Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida

Fewer Clicks. Better Care.

PaceMate leverages technology to streamline workflows and help clinics manage cardiac remote monitoring with efficiency. “The goal is to eliminate non-clinical tasks that bog down clinic staff. Doctors and nurses are clicking their day away—unable to practice at the top of their license.”

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Benefits of remote patient monitoring

PaceMate CEM Integrates With Top 4 Companies

Clinicians and doctors log in to multiple vendor sites to triage and interpret cardiac event monitors. Inefficient processes result in delayed patient care, missing documentation, and lost revenue capture.

device clinic staff burnout

Device Clinic Staff Burnout:
On-Demand Support Options

Due to the sheer volume of data that never stops, most device clinics are understaffed and unable to sufficiently monitor, document, and bill for the increasingly large number of cardiac patients.

Benefits of remote patient monitoring

A Clinic Team Experience: Benefits of Remote Monitoring with PaceMate™LIVE

A clinician and cardiovascular service line administrator share their perspective using PaceMate™LIVE for CIED remote monitoring.

EHR Integration

EHR Integration:
The Benefit of Reliable Proprietary FHIR APIs

Stable day-to-day interoperability for cardiology practices, hospital systems, and device clinics, with multiple unique cardiac data management advantages.

device clinic staff burnout

Timely Intervention for VF Detection and Therapy in the Setting of Antiarrhythmic Medication Nonadherence

A Steward Medical Group + PaceMate™ Collaboration

device clinic staff burnout

PaceMate now offers our Epic customers SMART® on FHIR® capability.

Three unique launch points to access PaceMate in different contexts

device clinic staff burnout

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PaceMateLIVE, the company’s flagship remote monitoring software platform, is enabling many of the nation’s most renowned electrophysiologists, device clinics, and healthcare systems to effectively manage their device patient populations.