The PaceMate™ Advantage

We put meaningful cardiac data to work for device clinics, hospital systems, and patients.

Every day, we enable our customers to deliver more efficient, compassion-driven care.

Cardiac Remote Monitoring

We take the weekend shift and holidays when you need us—keeping your workflow moving and triaging urgent situations when appropriate. Learn about our expedited onboarding and multiple full-service + SaaS plans today.

The PaceMate™ Engine

PaceMate™’s proprietary technology was built and developed 100% in-house by PaceMate™. We continually enhance and customize data capabilities and workflow. What can our technology do for you?

Heart Failure Meets PaceMate™

PaceMate™ receives and displays valuable discrete datapoints from patients with heart failure devices who may indicate worsening symptoms. Device clinicians and heart failure departments use this data and our workflow tools to quickly identify patients at the highest risk for hospitalization and to prevent costly re-hospitalizations due to congestive heart failure. PaceMate™ automatically manages heart failure metrics and measurements from all CIED manufacturers and provides a platform for clinicians to use this data to effectively treat patients.

Made for This Moment

PaceMate™ was created to care for patients remotely. We anticipated the world’s need for telemedicine with an innovative solution—and it’s available today. Health systems across the country are using PaceMate™ to monitor COVID-19 patients from home, and our virtual care platform has proved to be a crucial tool during the pandemic. We’re here. We’re ready.

  • Unlimited users, with specific role-based access for all clinical and administrative team members
  • The most robust, AI-driven, research-grade cardiac data available to the end user
  • Reduced hospitalizations, improved outcomes, and increased patient medication and lifestyle adherence
  • Generates 5x more revenue from remote monitoring than the average U.S. clinic
  • PaceMate™ Cadence clinic onboarding with unprecedented launch simplicity

Our telemedicine remote monitoring solution keeps vulnerable cardiac patients safe at home.

Our communications team talks with remotely monitored cardiac device patients and their caretakers every day via phone, text, and email.

People are the heart of our work.