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We were made for this moment—strategically designed to harness the most powerful and efficient digital tools for the good of cardiac clinics and health systems in the U.S. and around the world.
Modernizing patient data to improve patient care.

Our Solutions

We offer device clinics and cardiology departments customization and flexibility with three levels of our unique software+service.

Employ our world-class cardiac monitoring software—PaceMate™LIVE Platform Only—for immediate review of triaged alerts with full two-way EHR integration.

Utilize our PaceMate™LIVE On-Demand, which adds technician monitoring service to our best-in-class software with flexible customer-selected service hours.

Choose our most complete, customizable option—PaceMate™LIVE Platform +Full Service—with remote monitoring by cardiac rhythm management experts and 24.7.365 coverage.

We never miss a

The PaceMate™ Advantage

We offer seamless, scalable bi-directional integration with all patient EHRs in real-time.

Our service protects the most vulnerable patients—safely monitoring them at
home 24.7.365.

Clinics using PaceMate™LIVE have simplified workflows for roles across cardiology departments.

We’re the only cardiac management platform built entirely in-house and fully customizable.

Our Integrations

We service the largest not-for-profit health system in the U.S.

Our connections to the nation’s best EHR networks give clinics and hospital systems bi-directional dataflow, with all device patient information uploaded seamlessly and automatically.

“PaceMate™’s full-service solution identified several clinically actionable events that resulted in quicker patient triage and increased positive outcomes. The realized revenue and increased efficiencies are positively impacting our program.”
—Margaret G. Pate, Clinical Service Director, Cardiovascular Services

“We have a great partnership with PaceMate™ for remote monitoring of cardiac devices. They provide comprehensive 24/7 coverage for our device clinic. We are able to respond promptly to all the alerts and integrate with our EHR. We feel comfortable knowing our patients are receiving complete state-of-the-art monitoring for their cardiac devices.”
—Saumil R. Shah, MD, FHRS, Virginia Arrhythmia Consultants

“We were thrilled with the ease of the onboarding process with PaceMate™, and the service immediately improved the way we practice. Report turnaround time dropped dramatically, and it became much easier and quicker to act on important findings—in part due to the great user interface. We’re now consistently capturing the appropriate data at appropriate intervals. I’d definitely recommend it to other EPs. They may not know what they are missing.”
—Edward J. Schloss, MD, FHRS, The Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH