Cardiac Remote Monitoring Platform

The Only Comprehensive Cardiac Remote Monitoring Solution. Period.

“Our FDA-cleared ECG technology paired with PaceMate’s full comprehensive platform data and cardiac rhythm diagnostics, generates a holistic view of the patient’s heart health on the go, while providing critical insights for physicians.”

—Patricia Baran, SVP Healthcare North America & BioPharma Global, AliveCor

“On day one with PaceMate, we realized dramatic increases in efficiency. No back-and-forth between remote monitoring sites and Epic—all the data was in one place. The PaceMate platform makes reading monitors easy and quick, with the same accuracy. Direct connection with Epic allows us to see if patients with AFib are already on anticoagulation.”

—Andrea M. Russo, MD, FACC, FHRS, FAHA, Cooper University Hospital

“The process of onboarding with PaceMate was one of the smoothest transitions I have made at a job thus far. For three days, there were people on-site to walk us through the software, so questions were answered the same day. Both remote checks and in-person clinic checks are in the same place—it’s easier to navigate. Our last software didn’t do half the things that PaceMate does. I would definitely recommend PaceMate!”

—Lindsey Thomas, NCMA, Duke Lifepoint Healthcare, Conemaugh Health System

All the Data. One Platform.

Every Cardiac Device

Transform data management across your entire cardiac portfolio—implanted, ambulatory, heart failure, and consumer wearables. PaceMateLIVE software—the only solution that covers the full cardiac continuum of care.

Healthcare worker holding a clipboard and smiling.

Real-time EHR Integration

Real-time integrations with every EHR. Validated API integrations with Epic, athenahealth, and Cerner. Automatically pulling 180+ data points and pushing templated reports and billing.



Customize, prioritize, and auto-triage your patients’ alerts, only with PaceMateLIVE. Configure for your most vulnerable patients utilizing device data, real-time EHR data, and clinical expertise—not device or vendor settings.

Problem Solved.

Let us show you how PaceMateLIVE can work for you. Meet with our medical experts who can personally walk you through the features and benefits of our cardiac remote monitoring solution in real time.