Data is fragmented, making it difficult to manage...and even harder to measure.

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Data & Analytics
With the industry's only research-grade data set, PaceMate aggregates cardiac data for your customized needs. Use data for: 
  • Clinical research
  • Managing recalls
  • Tracking ROI
  • Assessing the status of your clinic

Analytics for Clinicians.

Improve patient outcomes. Advance medical practice. 

Get all the answers to your data questions in a single dashboard. Use the unique combination of device, EHR and operational data to assess trends, identify patients, and more. 


Procedure match: Identify candidates for procedures, like device upgrades, ablations, and registries. 


Device recalls: Automatically find patients impacted by device recalls and advisories. 


Safety: Monitor lead integrity and transmission compliance. 

Admin data

Analytics for Administrators. 

Improve operational efficiencies and financial standing. 

Operational and billing data is layered onto a clinical platform for a real time status of your clinic. This data is aggregated to give you both day to day and longitudinal business trends.  

  • Drive the bottom line by tracking reimbursement. 

  • Monitor and compare implant patterns. 

  • Track staff performance and business trends. 

MedAx tablet

Analytics for Research. 

Identify trial candidates. Expedite registry enrollment. 

PaceMateLIVE not only streamlines the process of identifying eligible trial participants but also enhances monitoring throughout the study. With real-time data access and comprehensive analytics, researchers can continuously assess patient suitability and adjust study parameters responsively. This approach not only optimizes the quality of the data collected but also ensures rapid adaptation to evolving clinical landscapes, substantially reducing the time to meaningful health outcomes.

Lindsey Thomas, NCM
Lindsey Thomas, NCM

Duke Lifepoint Healthcare, Conemaugh Health System

“Our last software didn’t do half the things that PaceMate does. I would definitely recommend PaceMate!”

Andrea M. Russo
Andrea M. Russo, MD, FACC, FHRS, FAHA

Cooper University Hospital

“On day one with PaceMate, we realized dramatic increases in efficiency. No back-and-forth between remote monitoring sites and Epic—all the data was in one place.”

Thomas Deering
Thomas Deering, MD

Chief of the Arrhythmia Center, Piedmont Healthcare, Atlanta, Past HRS President

“[PaceMate software] reduced our workload so that we could focus more on those individuals who had alerts that were clinically relevant and needed attention versus being spread thin in dealing with a multitude of alerts.”

Alaina Mathers
Alaina Mathers, RN, CCDS, Device Clinic Coordinator

Genesis, HCS, Zanesville, OH

We didn’t buy a product, we bought an extension of our team.

Asim Ahmed
Asim Ahmed, Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Acension Sacred Heart, Pensacola, FL

"PaceMateLIVE pulls in data from the patient. It’s not having to be manually entered. It took us from an eight-stage step, full of delays and hindrances, to basically a three-stage process—order it, results come in, sign it, and from there it’s populated to the charts."

Anne Kroman
Anne Kroman, DO, PhD, Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Medical University of South Carolina

“PaceMate has been an integral part of our device program, our device clinic, and my overall lead management program. It provides us invaluable information in real-time clinical data.”

Mark Borganelli
Mark Borganelli, MD, Chief of Cardiac Electrophysiology

Hattiesburg Clinic and Forrest General Hospital

“Our overall experience with PaceMate has been outstanding—a very easy transition.”

Ashford Denman
Ashford Denman, System Vice President, Cardiovascular Service Lines

Sentara Healthcare

"Early in Sentara’s partnership with PaceMate, we realized the benefits of clinical and operational efficiencies as well as enhancement of physician and clinician experience. What was unexpected and found to be extremely valuable are the data insights available within PaceMate. The level of visibility we now have into our device patient population, practice, and growth metrics at both the transactional and population health levels, in my opinion, places PaceMate far beyond the basic expectations of any other remote device monitoring software."

Margaret G. Pate
Margaret G. Pate, Clinical Service Director, Cardiovascular Services

Acension St. Vincent's, Riverside Hospital, Jacksonville, FL

“We can choose which ambulatory vendor we want to work with. PaceMate provides integration with all the major ambulatory patch vendors, which gives choice and contracting power for us. We are not beholden to one company which is so important.”

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