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Not All Remote Monitoring EHR Integrations Are the Same

Not All Remote Monitoring EHR Integrations Are the Same

by Robin Leahy, MSPH, BSN, RN, FHRS, CCDS, PaceMate™ Vice President of Customer Experience; Jason Hale, CCDS, PaceMate™ Co-Founder and Vice President of Commercial Excellence; and Chelsea Forsman Napier, BSN, RN, PaceMate™ Director of Integrations and Project...

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PaceMate Featured in EP Lab Digest

PaceMate Featured in EP Lab Digest

by Robin Leahy, MSPH, BSN, RN, FHRS, CCDS, PaceMate Vice President of Customer Experience PaceMate is pleased to share our recent publication of a feature story in EP Lab Digest, titled “The Evolution of Remote Monitoring in Support of Digital Health." This article is...

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NOW LIVE! Case Report: Impact of Recommended Replacement Time Pacing Behavior in a Pacemaker Programmed to Atrial Antibradycardia Pacing Mode Secondary to Known Ventricular Lead Failure
by Karen Hansen, RN, Clinical Device Specialist, PaceMate™


Be sure to tune in today to hear Brian Faulknier, COO of PaceMate™ talk "Scaling a Digital Health Enterprise: A C-Suite Perspective" with Lou Hughes, CEO of Moving Minds.

PaceMate’s proprietary alerts engine prioritized a patient’s VF alert condition across all vendor + device types + immediately flagged the alert to the top of the transmission list for the PaceMate clinical team to assess + triage to the clinic. #EPeeps

Managing Alert Burden: A Case Study Illustrating the Need for Tailored Implantable Loop Recorder Programming. Learn how PaceMate™ helps manage alert burden in our latest EP Lab Digest article:
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Eliminate the work in workflows. With PaceMate™LIVE, physicians’ alert burden is reduced by 30%. Our one-step e-sign+next feature + customizable alert settings cut review time. SCHEDULE A DEMO
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Automation and Integration: Realizing Operational Excellence with PaceMate™. New article live today on our sponsored EP Lab Digest Remote Monitoring topic center. Read more:
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The only software w/full-scale search capabilities + retrospective analysis of patient datasets. We build any requested data combination w/customized parameters + deliver the query tool to you on the PaceMate™LIVE dashboard.

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