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Robin Leahy MSPH, BSN, RN, CCDS, FHRS Vice President, Customer Experience Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Sessions: A New Hybrid Approach Our global heart rhythm community is at various stages of recovery related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions remain in...

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A PaceMate™ Case Study: Accelerated Battery Depletion

by Maren Gilleney, BSN, RN, PaceMate™ Cardiac Device Specialist A recent PaceMate™ case study reviewed a remote cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) transmission received from a patient with a dual chamber pacemaker implanted for symptomatic bradycardia....

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Solving a Common Problem of the Cardiac Device Clinic

by Jennifer Brehm, RN, CCDS, PaceMate™ Director of Clinical Services The Impact of Device Data on Clinic Staff Recruiting and retaining experienced cardiac device staff is a common struggle for clinic administrators and physicians. Over the years, implanted cardiac...

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ASK US ANYTHING | Query-ready
The only software with full-scale search capabilities, tailored for relevance to meet any request for patient or alert data points.

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MEDS AT-A-GLANCE | Prescription + diagnosis codes retrieval. PaceMate™LIVE is the only software that automatically pulls past + present medications lists + diagnoses from all patient EHRs with that data.

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The PaceMate™ team is hiring!
We are currently looking for a Patient Communication Specialist. If you are interested in learning more about this role or if you would like to apply, please visit:
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PaceMate™ feels your pain. Automated e-sign + next. Automated claims + billing. One click and you’re on to the next patient.

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Efficient. Automated. Profitable.
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Our latest paper by @OShea_Cat - ILR result in a substantial alert burden. With increasing use we need AI and managed remote monitoring @PaceMateLIVE @DrKevinCampbell @DrSuzyFeigofsky @drrakeshg1 @melissaemm1 @Emami_EP @J_Hendriks1 @LesleyDwyerCEO @UniofAdelaide @CentralAdlLHN

Our latest paper by @OShea_Cat  - ILR result in a substantial alert burden. With increasing use we need AI and managed remote monitoring @PaceMateLIVE @DrKevinCampbell @DrSuzyFeigofsky @drrakeshg1 @melissaemm1 @Emami_EP @J_Hendriks1 @LesleyDwyerCEO @UniofAdelaide @CentralAdlLHN
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ILR alert burden is substantial with varied accuracy. PPV of AF alert is low. We need new strategies to manage alert burden @PrashSanders @OShea_Cat @mehrdademami @DH_Lau #AHAJournals #Epeeps

We get you—and we built our software for you. Switching your cardiac device management from manual data entry, slow transmission processing + multiple monitors to simplified, automated digital workflows—all in 1 dashboard.

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From the beginning we’ve been watching out for providers—making sure our cardiac remote monitoring software maximizes and streamlines their capability to give care.

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